Taichung 2018 #2

Talk Show & Opening Ceremony:
Exhibition the first day in more and more museums in the arrival second day table、Talk show and the opening ceremony will be held。To the capacity of the talk show of venue had heard in advance that the 200 seats、Held was also there to attract customers concerned about the fact that from 10 am。Really I wonder how much people have me interested in the story Japan photos and photographers。It passed the headphones as soon as entering the venue。How can talk at the time of the interpreter was one of the worry of being blocked、This time was the progression of in life's first simultaneous interpretation。Amazing!。When overlooking the audience up on stage、I think I did not go to a full house there was the attract of about 120 to 130 people。It moderators was also Hou HoAkira's acquaintance、Because it was not longer talk time per person、Exit particular section of their participation to no problem。There was somewhat incomplete combustion sense of convenience of time、You want the statement quirky other Speakers of talk pleasure son-in-law and。

Speakers of the third section、沈昭 good Mr. Moderator、Mr. Keizo Kitajima、Hiroh Kikai Mr.

Mr. Ken Kitano、Takeshi Nakato 彥氏

Mr. Ryo Kameyama

Mr. Moderator of Peng Peng Hui and Tokyo Le Mans ℃ Ms.

We received the speech from the photographer of ChoTerudo teacher to represent Taiwan in the ceremony。

Kitano's speech on behalf of the YP writer、Thank you for your hard work。

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