Taichung 2018 #3

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts:
Finished the talk show、After having lunch at a restaurant located within the facility、About two hours until the opening ceremony begins became free time。Since not even the free time to be able to explore the city、Look around the facilities of the museum, including an exhibition room。En route、I noticed at the time of admission again out to outside the facility for the purpose of smoking, but、In most of the museums of the country do not see the <array> ......。Allais? that?。so、I do not nowhere ticket sales offices and entrance gates。What here, "the National Taiwan Museum of Art" is all of the exhibition room, which is also more than 20 on-site can be viewed for free!。(When you first admission did not notice because it was together with the responsible curator。) And overlooking the hotel again know the facts、Young people of groups and couples!、Many noticeable, such as parents and children。Poor art students to study、Young couple as dating course、The neighborhood of people in search of cool、It looks like a lot of people are using the museum without stretched Katahiji。Even people who are interested in art art、Even those who do not、It is seen that the objects would be different、As recreation office using the museum、Nice it is a very free touching the nature and works of art、The envy also thought。And there is no doubt that the museum open for free Yuku to contribute to the raise of Taiwan's art scene。

Children touching the art work while Romp Room、It is our children who are looking at the public art in the facility laughing while pointing the finger day become the future of the artist。

"Origin-eternity" exhibition is held at the first floor of the main exhibition room。It is lined with leisurely work than the exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography。

Hiroh Kikai's works (left) and Toshiya Momose and its works (right)

Ryo Kameyama and its work

Ken Kitano and his work

Takehiko Nakato and its work

National Taiwan Museum of Art / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
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