Day to commune with nature

But was a boy era of introverted personality、Were both running around the fields and mountains without even decent Hikikomoru so were some friends。
It became a lot time to travel is the twenties。It was of course poor travel as、Was also experienced that Rashiki some of Survival。
Wearing also and way to enjoy it。
Also I love the outdoor life now became thirties。

I had to go to Okutama in one night two days。

Drinking beer from Tsu daytime、Playing in the river、Bake baked buckwheat、Suspension bridge over to the hot springs。
And barbecue、In addition to drink beer、Going to bed while looking at the starry sky at Kawahara。
After getting up、What's morning mist。
Rice in Thailand firewood。
Cliff jump。
And broken, raw。

Kedomo it's not big deal、It just Pafuekuto。

When you go home become exhausted、Yasukuni Shrine is prime minister in the news。
Year after year、that's enough。fed up。
this problem、It seems I'm sorry In the "Kaere naturally"。

To the benefactor who became a star、Together in prayer。

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