Just take only

Youth and encounter that it is today artists in Shinjuku、I got to shoot。
Summarized Actress、In conversation with him
We take photos like a "air。」
I received a comment of the。
Is this the good willing、Whether or we should to reflect。
Sometimes we receive from the person who became the letter of the same kind of content as the subject Speaking。

It does not even excessive production when certainly take pictures of people、Not making full use also special techniques。
Yuunareba、Only take just silently。
But there is also a time to issue an instruction to the subject、It is the facial expressions and gestures that had been changed by applying a voice、It is a minimum of production for returning to those at the time of as much as possible met。

Ihei to be cited often in a variety of styles Kimura at the time of photographers shooting and Ken Domon。
Against Ihei Kimura that has imperceptibly taken after、Ken Domon that has been referred to as the "demon of the photograph" to any number of times the same thing to go with his consent。

Since there is no specification be categorized by type、Although it does not say Nante either、
The first impression when you witnessed the person is thought that okay with it if Revive on photographic paper。

And the person who is the subject、I think simply pleased that the Kawaseru such a conversation。

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