His first solo exhibition

Print check of the workshop students in the evening today。
Thing towards the solo exhibition at Lotus root gallery run by me and Motoda。

In the coffee shop where people became less、She has been doing in tense Omomochi finishing the work。
Keep breath after the chat、Look over one by one that has been carefully burned to baryta paper。
From her gaze stare devour it、It comes through tension and conflict towards a first solo exhibition。
And、Remember that there was a challenged's time in his first solo exhibition also once to your。

More than ten years's a before、It was probably not feeling the pressure that has not been experienced until now、
Although not remain almost to the storage that at the time、I certainly would myself to be there was a time like her now。

Accustomed also came out as the exhibition also overlaid the number of times、Scheduling also has been progress。
Now good command of all in my judgment。(even if you say so、But tightrope to always held the day。)
Although the situation has changed、I want to not forget the sincere attitude towards to announce the work。

Emi Fukuyama first solo exhibition "While not sink" is August 22 at LOTUS ROOT GALLERY than (Tuesday)。
8Month 26 (Saturday) opening party also performs than 18 pm。

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