And we are in the gallery、We are earnestly looking at the photos taken of yourself。

The exhibition、And at the same time you get to see in others the day-to-day photo Acts、
Intently objectively view your own photos、There is a sense that we find the future challenges。

Along the photographs hung on the pure white wall、To wandering around the venue many times。
gradually、Photo photographed the world、Furthermore, the other side begins to appear and disappear with blurred。

In this exhibition、Look is a slight change from that up to the last time。
Is it regrettable pathological're still walking around just Shinjuku。But feel、
It seems that it is felt that may have increased the width of the photos (the subject)。

Although complete the shooting stuck in portrait、No sense that commitment seems to narrow the world。
A new world that I got the feeling to see、It's folly to become categorized in the existing naive knowledge。
Neither you not want to do the only portrait、Even in a snap、Even in landscape、In Press Photo、Let alone not even something nude。

I want photos anyway!

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