Photo exhibition addiction

At Gallery、There are young man looking at my photos。
Has me quite seen slowly。
Watch while walking、Watch Jitto a piece of photo sitting in a chair、Or look closer to stand up。
Or it would have me look about an hour。
In the meantime、What kind of what emotion is running in his、It is the author there is no way of knowing Datte I。

Because it was me look concentrated too、It did not or dare talk、
This kind of event is really happy to have a photo exhibition。

But also over a decade ago、Also there is such that when the first solo exhibition。
Also it was the day of rain。

Customer traffic even in sparsely venues、Tachidomari staring in front of the photo、Girl does not move as it took paralyzed there were。
Closer tried to speak、View her profile。
she is、With an eye for a photo、And the eyes to see the more distant、I had tears。
To my surprise when I ask the reason of tears、Muttered while shaking a small shoulder。

I "I do not know ..."。

For me at the time、The word is ecstasy!

Not a photo exhibition quit This is why。

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