Traffic safety

In Tokyo、Go by bicycle to roughly where to go。At the time of work in the city center
And I say "come from Kichijoji"、Every so often also surprised is that。

Hate、The first place why I'm riding a bike?
Neither the promotion of global environmental improvement、Not even for their own health maintenance、Nor is it because there is no money to take the train。
Movement of the "crisp I like bike!" Or "inner city is fast bike。"Or you various reasons is。
The real place is、Because I do not have a driver's license。
"eh、Nowadays! While you might expect an "、I do not really have。
Therefore、It is not possible to drive the vehicle other than a bicycle。

this is、It is inconvenient to say clearly。
To become a member of the video rental shop、You will have a passport。
Hell will be suspicious。
And it is in the front passenger seat、You can not be a friend who tired of long distance driving'll change the operation。

Still, your driver's licenseAgainI do not think that trying to possession。
Yes、19My driver's license at the time of the year-old it had been canceled。
Automobile is extremely dangerous vehicle by ...。

It is a full moon。

2 thoughts on "Traffic safety

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    It was very much today。
    But I also went by bicycle today、I Tokyo is scary to many car。
    However, as more scary it is better when this fear is no longer、、、。

    Full moon as seen on the way back was very large and impressive。
    It is autumn。

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    Even knowing that it is dangerous、Not can also dam the flow of brain drug、It will skip catapult。
    The real reason to ride a bicycle、"Just intently、Since it feels good。"That I。
    The full moon、Jiaotonganquan pray。

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