Traffic safety 2

recently、Drunk driving has become a social problem。
Motto of "Do not ride if the drink!" Of course and to、
I often see drivers will want to say the "Do not ride without drink!"。
Are in possession of a driver's license = you is legitimate to operation、I do not think very much the。
For example,、The car was also income a license in the sparsely populated country roads people、Ten-year paper a while、It would happen if thrown to the roadway of downtown traffic state of war。
Anyone license if you go to school is taken。Just because thousands of people do not think really is to be able to address all road conditions。
Be myself、I believe that human beings do not qualified to drive a car。

When it was a license collection with teen、I was raised a large accident。
It does not mean had been drinking、It slipped tire in the rain、Was plunged into a guard rail not completely bend the curve。
And、I had inflicted the dying of serious injury to a Friend I was riding in the passenger seat。
since、It does not hold the car handle。
It does not shock is forgotten at that time。

The driver mass of more than 1 ton of iron、60I want you to hold the handle aware of the mighty of the kinetic energy at the time of km running in what or。A complete weapon for some people。

at least、Serve about turn signals when turning and changing lanes -。
Looking at the bike eyes、The driver of behavior will look good。

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