Currently carrying

The other day photo exhibition ended、Or photo exhibition begins from tomorrow。

And today is carrying date for the next Exhibition。
The wall is in white that his photos had been over、Yuku been steadily new photo we attached。

Although thing I think even if I am writing this diary、When you post a new diary、Previous articles and photos the other day Yuki down、Yuku buried soon。
There on the wall、There were photos our affection、As it will be housed in a storage box。

Although there is a little bit of loneliness、This is a healthy flow。
I、Gallery、So as not stagnant、Replace one after another for a photo。
Diary Let's updated daily。Palm "diary" than anything。

Primary LRG workshop Arimoto seminar students、Masato Chiba photo exhibition "smell of gasoline" is October 10(Fire)~ October 15(Day)It is。
1014,(Soil)18:00~ Is also held party。Feel free to help yourself。

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