Results Day off

After I finished the late breakfast、Out on the table in play a bicycle and go out to the shooting in Shinjuku。
It has done the。It had been done to the blue of the sky。
To interact with his or her mind、After a variety of excuses、It will change as suddenly。
And it is directed to the Tama River。
(I to had to say and does squid pathological're taking just Shinjuku。)

Last summer is、Tama Cycling Road was running constantly。
Since I started the gallery、Very much free time without any、Also without any margin of heart、The really first time in more than a year。
Temperature is also very best。Humidity wind without、Just cycling photography weather。

Starting the Kichijoji、Run was fire along the Tama River to the upstream。
Along the way、Do cosmos is full bloom。Pashapasha。
Via the Fussa、Pashapasha in the vicinity of Yokota Air Base。
A break in Hamura weir、To Ome。

Among the most pleasant climate in one year、To enjoy the holiday。

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    Mr. ariphoto>

    My name is d-back。I take photos in Atsugi base。Olden days、So my wife is now in care in Tibet ... By the way she is now、Very hard、It takes a portrait of the daughter (cat)。
    Although photos I think the C-12、I also something similar (perhaps the same), so you have to take the aircraft、You have to put trackback。Please Thank you _ ^ ^ _
    ps. (photo of the aircraft) I think South Korea, Osan base if going to the Korean Peninsula direction ^^

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