Fear! Go to the hospital

Once the weak ones are asked what、I would answer the "hospital" immediately。

Strangely bright and clean space。
As if obscure the smell of death、Walls and floors that are polished to shiny to unnatural。
Not be seen except in here、Glass and metal equipment of which was a special form。
Subservient patient who and、Arrogant behave doctor as if it had become like even to God。(This last image。)
Is horrible none that。

From morning today、The pandemonium、We went to the base hospital。
And emergency hospital that has been rushed in the last year of traffic accident、In addition to visits associated with it、'S the first time in 10 years of going to voluntarily doctor。Ah scary。

It was supposed to come from the previous、Because sound is heard from the eardrum "Buchibuchi" has become badly。(It is indescribably hard to epithet, but ...。)
And go to quickly doctor、Some time was to have continued told acquaintances。

Passing through never a door in the neighborhood of Otolaryngology the meaning。
To say congress opening was that it just、Already sitting a lot of people in the lobby。
Also I was finished the acceptance、I was sitting on the strangely bright yellow vinyl bench。

While waiting to be called the name、Recall the correspondence of doctor of emergency hospital, which has received during the last year of the fracture、It has become a horrible feeling。

Young was a pale complexion year the doctor、While looking at my left hand of the X-ray photo
"I have broken ~。He said as lightly spat out a "。continue、Palpate to pull the broken finger。
"Hurts、Do not you hear what listening to my appeal of the hurts. "、It has been a question that does not believe in that state。
"Are you doing and what Kimi work?、Part-time workers? "" ...。」

Keep silent to see my face Rashiku stupid、It is grinning whether it is why。
What is this? Or strategy to reduce the pain Te than in anger?

Putting studying thoroughly the examination result。Like this summary。
It might stick even if left alone "、It might not stick。」
It might heal Once you have "surgery、It may not work in the original as。」
Even stuck Leave me alone "、It may not work in the original as。」

Well then、But we stick together properly through the twists and turns。Of that doctor correspondence can not forgive。

"Arimoto Concern。」
Oh、It was called。Whether there will as a good teacher!


I'm really afraid。

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