Fear! 2 go to the hospital

When you come up here、Not finally escape can also be hidden。Sit to the examination table and a subservient face。
More than this happens is a carp of the chopping board。The attending physician is high-spirited nice elderly gentleman unusually。
There is no choice but leave everything to this person anymore。

"Dawn of Shojo。」

It is intimidating and voice strapping。Answer To fidget。

"I Buchibuchi and the sound from the inner part of the ear is。Blink the time Toka ...。」

Shortly Iowaru all of the symptoms。

"Mai Ya'。Ne because we do not know when the ear is not a look。」
To the left and right ear、It is thrust into the bracket, such as a small funnel。

"Nan no ne。」

after that、Hearing examination of the headphones。Teacher while looking at the graph of the test results were Notamawa this。

' Problems don't worry?, cum! 」

A turnip!!

And、My ear is has become still Buchibuchi。

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