Mr. Moriyama

Last night、Newly opened in Minami-AoyamaRATHOLE GALLERYI went to。
But to participate in the opening reception of Daido Moriyama Photo Exhibition "it" to be performed in Kokeraotoshi。
Time, but it arrived just、Already full of people per entrance。
Less likely to enter the very man of black clothes stood several people、Hear how in a while afar。
But still somehow received a champagne glass、To the downstairs gallery。
Looking to the long time Moriyama's original print of、It is still wearing the extraordinary care。
The amount that has been painted in purple and silver also be Baraishi。

But it would be overwhelmed by the gorgeous atmosphere that will not usually experience、I enjoyed most surprisingly also appearance of acquaintance。
It was pounding in but beautiful multi-too。Both this world to have committed。

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