Believe in yourself

Late at night、And put the TV、I was doing a re-broadcast of the step-by-step work of advertising photographer Yoshihiko Ueda program。
While I was looking at while doze off on the bet、Gradually woke up、Overwhelmed by the signs of Ueda's at the time of photographing wear。
After the end of the program、It had been completely body temperature rises。

Detailed story will be omitted but、Ueda-san is a man gave me a chance to come up to Tokyo to me。
(Ueda's own、But I would not even remember the speck such as that of I。)

Ten years since then、I while in Tokyo、Taking pictures in a different location from the world aimed at that time。
However,、The heart of the teacher reflected on the cathode-ray tube is、Me even now speaks to me。
In its every word、And empathy as a photographer、To ruminant by superimposing the photo act of the current own。

"Believe in yourself、Celebrating in full force to the subject。」

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