And Pampanga

Three consecutive holidays of the second day。
Defeat at once a plenty of accumulated laundry。
Kokimiyoku to Pampanga and、Cloth of white and pink flapping full veranda。
It's a good picture。

Since the evening of WS slideshow、It moved to the gallery。
Along the way、It was defeated in a shower。
It hurts、Cold to、Scary slipped tire、C40 to get dirty、I do not want to really。
Ahh、Also it gets wet laundry -。

And 18:00More slideshow start。
Now that we have become accustomed to each successive times、To manipulate the indifferently Mac & acoustic without any trouble, especially。
I'm a margin because it is behind the scenes, but、Every one of the seller how Not really。
Some people are trembling like a kitten dip wet。
I go with something real -。
It mon's almost the first person to publish the photos in public。It is natural nervous。
But、Probably you feel good? Also it became want to do?
Photos Nante、I Nanbo Ya mon show。

Let's do one after another、Omoroi it!

Everyone who was our visitors、Thank you very much。
Everyone Seller、Cheers for good work was was。

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