The day was a nice little

It will be after a long time of update。

Is I also while you are lazy update、Meet people and、Talking with friends while drinking sake、I went to the shooting ride a bicycle、Catch a cold、
Or critique the photos of students、Or it is critical to senior photographer、Or each other exchanged a smile with the girl in the train、
I have always spent a day-to-day street。

After all、What was the communication on the Internet for me?
Was the only "extra" in life?
The answer is to it still in the fog、Although some can not be wiped distrust、Also it has a little bit of hope。

Ya the day there was also a nice little future、If you feel a trivial question、The something when there is information that you want to advertise、
I would like to write in this diary。

Person who has e-mail and comments of encouragement、Thank you very much。
Objective and the person who has a logical criticism、Thank you very much。
The person who gave me unknown slander mail meaning anonymously、goodbye。

4 thoughts on "The day was a nice little

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    I understand that lost the majority of the film in India、why?
    In which little was worrisome。
    Also、Is rainy season in India is Mecha not that hot、Such time do you management had been how the film?
    If you can comment、I'm glad。

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    www-sama、thank you for your comment。
    But it is a matter of the film、It had been stolen every backpack while traveling by bus。But is their own carelessness、2400It was to eliminate the cut at once was too shock。However,、It helped the shooting in Tibet after its time of experience。
    Management of the film、It is perfect in the X-ray prevention bags and tapper wear and silica gel。

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    Now reference。 Thank you very much。

    ... in the heat in what the film has heard that Tteyuu become useless。

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    I loved ariphoto customers' photos than before。It is one book also love precious photo collection "Portraits from Tibet."。

    The attitude to work seriously against ariphoto customers' photos is thought that the head is lowered。Although it is on the inorganic cyber space、We are always encouraged。And WEB is、Although toward the darkness there is in the act, such as continue to throw the ball、Please do not forget that there are people to catch even far away。Hoping to your success in the future、I myself can not help but wishing to senior photographers of the claws of the red ... and。

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