Do not and if you are caught cold。

Gallery of the carry-date the other day。Because of the presence、Go out from morning to Shinjuku。
This time、Exhibition other than since the photo began lotus root Gallery。A large-scale loading。
Since the first time that、Ikazu is as usual、It took a long time。
But、I wanted to complete like the I also satisfaction of the author。
Continue from evening、Six-time workshop at Gallery。really、I have every time asked to entertain every time。
At once see if a large number of photos、Is downright attacked by a sense of fulfillment and fatigue can not be said。Of course it is that nice。

And today、Go out after a long time the shooting to Shinjuku。
Walk dangling among the light rain that falls from time to time。Nice that something destination no。

And oh、Busy also but I've been asked to not spend every day of fulfilling、Kazehiki dear and only struck。
Today's shooting would be the way out of the heat、It was down in about two hours。

Tomorrow's lesson、We go to bed early。

One thought on "Do not and if you are caught cold。

  • SECRET: 1
    long time no see。Guess do we mae about 10 years went together to India。Do you remember?。It seems to have met by chance Lee today。
    Now Toka teacher of my alma mater (dropped out)。
    I'm glad it seems to take photos Good luck。
    I'm still wandering in Calcutta。
    It is up a photo of India to。
    Currently it fired the company、It is in conflict。
    Let's full spear in spare time。

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