Sunny Sunday、To Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu。
Public exhibition of the Cannon sponsored、Going to see the "New Cosmos of Photography Exhibition"。
It overlaps the last day and Sunday、I entered the great people。There are many young people。
Feel the height of attention to the competition。
Than the work of Excellence Award, which was decorated on the wall、Are you crowd towards the honorable mention of the submitted book。
Can also glimpse the consciousness of visitors tourists from that the。

Speaking of the past few days、Some of the graduates have asked me to look at the pictures。
It soon in order to apply for the "Hitotsubo" of deadline。
Have no negative feelings against competition screening(My first solo exhibition was due to competition)
I think anyway I want to do in mind to obtain the first prize If you apply。
Of course winning in the competition is not a endpoint、Which was a stepping stone must face a strong feeling to open up the next road。

After watching the kidnapping while thinking such a thing、Directed to the photo exhibition which has sent acquaintance extend the foot to Hiroo。
Because it was the first time place to go、Also walk the streets while lost a little。
And go to the gallery space downstairs was finally discovered、The lighting is pitch black have disappeared。
When the rush to review the guide postcard was with the "Sunday Closed on"。Smell Don be Aikawara。

And retaken care、Run the Gaien Nishi Street was Shinjuku Nihi。The city of Shiwasu 's a busy。

This area luxury foreign car too many。I also a luxury foreign car but、Are different types。

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