Darkroom and photography and photo exhibition

The other day Wednesday day of classes at Tokyo Visual Arts、To very hard from 9 am until 21 pm。

First year of the darkroom practice in the morning。Within the last few years、Rapid digital shift proceeds、I think as we have also changed students' awareness of the darkroom work with it。
I wonder because they were taken with digital cameras、But also are not a few students who are trifle this time、
To shoot in film、That printed on photographic paper、I think that if Moraere enjoy also some sort of inconvenience。

Location of classes in the afternoon。Go out to the outside jump out of the school。
In this lesson、Mainly go to my photo itself is worrisome Exhibition。For myself、It is downright luxurious time。
ToDay、Transfer to only Nikon Plaza Ginza was renewed。Exhibition entitled "The World of sound"。
Brand new gallery space also a nice but、Still photos we wonderful to be there。
Among them,、Dive into the exceptionally strong eye photos Keizo Kitajima Mr.'ve taken about twenty years old。
Right now、How it would have reflected in the students' eyes is twenty years old before and after?
Students and talk over a cup of coffee at a coffee shop、Listening to such impressions。Flurry is diverse opinions。

When it got dark、Run by bicycle casting a sideways glance at Hibiya Park from Ginza。Around the Imperial Palace、Past the Houses of Parliament again to school。
Darkroom seminar in the time frame of the night part。Second grade, which was ahead of the graduation work in close advances the silence work。
Also be overcome impatience anxiety、Just staring at the projected image from single-mindedly to pull enlargement machine、It is opposed to the photographic paper in front of the eye。
No waste、Was thought that beautiful the gesture。

Exit all to half past nine today's lesson。after that、Dinner of the seminar students at the tavern。
Probably because had momentum well print work、Everyone's state of starving。
One and all the came dish、Consume This is also a vigorous tongue of。
Foolish talk and smile after spending quality time。The end of such day。

Late at night coming home。After spoofing the preparation of tomorrow's photography work、Going to bed without also be ruminating events。
From now on、Life will turn around a photo。

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