The other day、Talked about friends and synchronicity.。Well, but it's a story silly little about the mere chance。

The following day、I encountered a seminar of students and are walking dangling Nakano Street。
A common story so far。
"O'、Show by chance Ya ne ~! "And said the moment、Students of my workshop from behind has been walking。
Encounters with two acquaintances in the blink of an eye。
"Great probability Ya Do ~!" Excited to see the horizontal saying Kyaikyai in and、I students was drinking coffee at a coffee shop that is in charge of classes at vocational school。

Encounter with the three people of acquaintance in about only 10 seconds。
A little scary。

And its thinking about the night also synchronicity、Mail came after a long time from a few years ago of graduates。
When you open the e-mail and "I wonder what"、She seems to have started a part-time job at a grocery store to shop I well。
"today、And yo we found. "。

I talk silly。

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