Year end party

There are many opportunities to drink season.。
22Year-end party of the day invited the people who gave me involved in the lotus root Gallery。
6Although I began to drink from time to time、At 1:00 am knock down。
I do not know even where how was returning home through the。
Since the liquor is not stronger originally、It becomes suddenly Shindoku exceeds an appropriate amount。

And yesterday、Nakano "Gallery Tosei"At a photographer's friendsKeiko NomuraEvents & Oden party。
She is a classmate of photo school days、Karekore become relationship of 15 years。
Really has become much for everything from the old days、But friends age is not changed but that seems even like a mother。
In even classmates her husband、One of the important friends。
Ya face to meet after a long time also among the other visitors、Every so often meet face。
After a lively talk show with Koji Onaka's、Gallery was reborn Suddenly Oden shop in the。

Place where she is at the center、I always pleasantly full of smiles。

Thank you for the delicious food and fun time。

Dancing kachāshī Nomukei。

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