One respondent、Paid work

Day cleaning Gallery 29。
Over the past year、Many thanks to the wall that was me have supported a lot of photos we。
Floor even repainting now shiny。The next exhibition is from January 16,。So as not to make a mistake。

After cleaning the end is once again year-end party。
Shinjuku is large bustle of night。In tavern where even two hours limited、It comes Groups from the next to the next。
There because other day of lessons、Liquor I've been in moderation。
Go home before the ladder three hotels th。

And today paid work。
But、Only deliver the manuscript of the work, which was printed the other day to publishers in the Harajuku。
From Ome Kaido to Gaien West Street、Rattle even anywhere Meiji-dori。It runs comfortably under the sky of the winter sunny bicycle。

Also not the homecoming this year's New Year。New Year is hanging Rollei、It is the work taken in Tokyo。
At least about New Year's Day and try to eat your Zoni taste of home、I heard the recipe on the phone to the mother。
Zoni of Uchiha、Sumimochi baked in Osumashi、It is what ingredients such as oak and lily roots and trefoil and yuzu has a entered a clue。

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    I came back after the exhibition in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture。
    Many things I learned that、I learned that do not have to learn。
    However,、I enjoyed anyway! The next is the Hiroshima!
    A good burnished。

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