From the flush time 1 hour、Up in the meantime

Open the curtains of the room、Check around the darkened。
Preparation of the chemical from the cleaning of the enlarger。
Carefully scissors the negative to the carrier、Switching off the lights of the room。
Work start and correct posture。
En route、Or try to become seriously、Or playing around with enumerated a number in my head。
While smoking a cigarette、To thought looking at the dazed and Chu。

"Because f11 at 2.5 seconds six times Ya、120After the second developing ...。」

After confirming the test piece、Burn of 300 seconds while shaking the hand。
Under the light of the dim orange safelight、It emerges the image from wobbling and drifting photographic paper。

"Yup、Perfect! "

But this work that has been repeated countless times、It seems fresh every time。
Leave the impression when you first print。
Immerse yourself forget the time。

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