After a long bike ride。
So this season.、When shooting in the city dress、Because too there is a temperature difference in the clothing when riding a bicycle。
It when you walk the city wearing a thick coat、Like summer attire when riding a bicycle。
Since I had taken in a concentrated place of here、I did not have the opportunity to ride a bike and lightly dressed。
after、Do some useless even for I do not want to consume the physical strength。

Since it was school work from morning today、Taking out the car C40 from the room、Begin lightly rowing in shorts。
Among the cold air、Run like slide the Ome Kaido。
En route、Signal waiting for Nakanosakaue。Also in the old man of commuting in Rodoresa with me and "it is not cold or"、Asked。
My on the back was not faint sweat blurred。Cold is Naa I do not。
If there is a blank、Batebate of Herohero the time you get to school because there is not been able to completely foot。
To the post、The accumulated mileage and suddenly see the meter was over 10,000km。

Somehow a "thank you"、C40To。

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