Suddenly the skaterMotodaA place of skateboard in a corner of the gallery。

I saw a documentary video of skater other day。Slip gallantly in various places while traveling the world、Mike Vallely have spread the skating culture。And remember the excitement and sympathy to his appearance。
When it comes to、Made Mushoni frustrated is not ride their own to the skate board here and there。

so、Skating debut in the gallery across from the park。
Despite the mood、But it does not work with all、Is this not do fun with this。
Dottambattan said that with photographersTara stone TsukamotoThere came to play to the gallery to TULLY'S one hand。
Bicycle of the original Tara to discover're before the change, which is also the road racer fellow。
PIST、That is, the track racer。And Fanny bike Cinelli、cool!
But you get to immediately ride、It became the Saddle taste the fear of the fixed gear and no brakes。Scary!

Skateboard also piste is also a dangerous vehicle。
It is better to pass through to avoid if possible。
It's for something pounding but、What street culture。

I now that are taking photos on the street。

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