People and the world

Semester of classes in the visual arts also became only leave the day after。
So on Saturday the other day、Was carried out classes of first grade and the second grade of the joint also serves as a supplementary classes。
It is in the class of each grade, but I've seen day-to-day changes in the work of the people of the familiar face、Communication is not until now between the first grade and second grade。
Therefore, a two-graders graduation project、Although freshman had showed each a work in progress、It was the result of keenly aware of the difficulty of the presentation of respect to those who do not know。
Unlike see the work (show) that in such exhibitions and Photos、Photos that are arranged on top of the classroom desk is the last process。
Therefore, in order to get a look at his work to others is、Becomes necessary presentation sprinkled with words。
Through the current process their photos now、Specifically what are you and let toward the where、Or people who talk about with enthusiasm was less。result、Photo we did not give to have a sense of Yuku spread rises from the top of the desk。
It is also a kind of closed space and school。That familiar friends and class or grade unit also within that school、It is further subdivided into closed the world。
Now、Without that reveled in the small world that is placed with his、Is the most important issue precisely that you always win attitude going cast toward the unknown world。

And、Remind to yourself。

Now、Do not cater the world that surrounds their own。

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