Various story was met with a friend who came back from NEW YORK travel。
She that have brought a gallery of about 30 cases in such as Chelsea and SOHO、The experience told me with his eyes shining。That of the millionaire of private galleries of that or $ 100,000 of Arbus of print、And differences in the Japanese photographic culture。
Which story also it's a charming and longing also、You can not have reality somehow too distant ivory tower。
And the world that this is surrounding me、I wonder if boundaries of the world? Or limit of the imagination? I do not know。
Also I wonder important of course that I'll have the enthusiasm of about "exhibition and I'll! In NY Gallery"。When you actually are in Osaka was also a solo exhibition of one goal in Tokyo。But now become would think ish Higami is the idea itself。
Better is I have a pond to outgoing toward if it from this gallery of Yotsuya chome in the world。

Daphnia like a ballpoint pen that I received as a souvenir。Thank you。

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