Negatives of wet cunt wet

Rain from morning on behalf of selling the other day。I do not ride the bike the day of rain since there is no guts。It has been rocked by train to Gallery。
Although we were scheduled to go out to the shooting today、Shooting in the rain hate。Speaks with Asako's in the gallery while the weather reading。I love the story of the photo。Around three o'clock、The weather is headed to mend。Go out with triumphant, but after a while and also Shitoshito。
Shelter followed、To explore the Shinjuku Bic Camera。Since the usual shopping is dispensed with Yodobashi Camera、Bic was not well well overlooks things in-store。Walk to look into each one floor from the top floor。
Denkiya? Yet I was surprised to there is a bicycle shop。When you look into a little、Italian luxury parts manufacturersCAMPAGNOLOIs not in selling manufactured by groups set up! Heck anyone to buy it here!
It was more surprised than、Narrowness of the film department。In a corner so as not to be found and not look defintely、Are display apologetically。I have discolored degraded obviously Nante developer "HC-110" which is commonly used。When it comes to meet the needs of the general、Studio side will not go against this wave。Not Well how。
We are waiting for the film development after returning home even while being beaten in such a status quo。It was suspended from the ceiling of the bathroom、I would love to see the negative dripping of water。I think really it's sexy。Have in this lovely film、There is no way of knowing to me is how can indefinitely shooting。I think off but the Yukitai to leave as many of the negative it can within the existing。
You spree film consumption than ever。

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