Capitalist pig

The poor physical condition than the other day。It seems to have caught a cold。
While it was slowly overnight、Heat from the morning now。Precious GW、Because not afford to not spend asleep in、To buy a rarely do not drink medicine dizzy and to the pharmacy。
Several kinds of medicine to recommend the clerk、To purchase the highest of the without hesitation。There is a high price = efficacy、It does not mean that。Even if there is if a powerful effect、It is probably a "strength of toxicity to the body" itself。However,、Reduced brains of judgment is only recognized simple code (the magnitude of the numbers)。
In that situation it seems to have bought involuntarily when you are recommended a 10,000 yen of medicine、In subservient this head wickedest fool。

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    Cold Is ~。
    But it is no wonder because the weather has changed claims about the place of here。

    Bike riders from outside the prefecture in Azumino had come a lot in the long weekend。
    It is beautiful I figure pedaling a dashing and bicycle。
    It became a little envious。
    Once you become healthy、w, please bike teaching
    I hope you get well!

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