Fire of the city

In Shinjuku patrol、Third Street Gallery to "galeria Q"。Today we're looking the Kuroto Hoshi's Photos of the exhibition "City of Fire"。
Although he nor so close to the star's、Are you grateful to me carrying a foot to my photo exhibition every time。Mutual friend (the subject) Moi in the same generation、It is one of the photographer to be worried about。
The star's was published the photo collection。The fact that in the same name of the photo exhibition is also held、It was not going to buy the photo book from all means direct person。
Up the narrow stairs、Of multi-tenant building room to the venue。When you pass through the door、Bustling atmosphere is already several people friends have rushed to the blessing。Buy a photo album after just signed a few words。To after the venue To hurriedly。
Turn slowly the page and entered the nearby coffee shop。After watching for a photo、View photos from further start reading the text by the author。Repeat it over and over again。
Any would only time has passed、Fierce to be friendly had been drawn completely in black-and-white photo。
When I first saw the photos of WEEGEE、It oozes from the back of the case of the impact、It was something that was overwhelmed by profound insights into the eye for his human。Feeling at that time revived in many days。
Human doings are、Thus also stupid and adorable。
I feel that received the hot mass。

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