Kagura and quarrel and helping others

Sunny Saturday、After the gallery open cheerfully To to Shinjuku。
Sun blazing from morning、Further increase the momentum in the afternoon。Looking measured in exposure meter because too bright。1/500In seconds, f16、Wonder if the maximum value of this year。

Kagura has been exhibited and stop by to Hanazono Shrine of example festival first day。Nde、Often visit。The story I do not know altogether but、Do not get tired gesture of acrobats is looking beautifully。Do yourself to re-recognize the fact that it is of 此 of country man、Halle is the day of。

As soon as I entered the Kabukicho in a good mood、A fight broke out in front of the eye。Aspects of Street Fighter than yea say quarrel。Although I place entering the always if stop、It can not even be approached by too earnest too。Nde、Often visit。Man is alone gangster style、There is a muscle-carved brand new Japanese pattern in the arm。Man the other one was nice Gatai of college students wind (Afro)、Because it seems to bite a something Martial Arts。Punch of the yakuza's roundhouse is just off the sky。Afro-kun Keru by lightly sway back and ducking。Sukasazu take the arm where the yakuza Mr. unsteady、Falling entangled。Police arrived at the place that was decided quite meet you not guillotine choke sleeper in the fight。

And go to the south exit、One of the uncle on the sidewalk was not fell dramatically。Ignore sore to Saturday of passers-stunning。Talk while there is also a calculative and prove to be photo。
"Oh Chan、Go and do over? "
Uncle stood up and tottering picking up glasses、Bow and when you Tachisaro in but also have a bad debt。Abunakkashiku look Rarenwa。In Saddle walk to take the arm until the taxi rank。Surprisingly soft and turn the hand to the back of uncle、And thin。Was the feeling of the about is touching the previous house to have rabbit。

Late lunch in safely after saw off a taxi McDonald。摑Mu a Big Mac in the palm of your hand to feel the remaining of the back of uncle。While Kuyurashi tobacco、To ruminant the events that happened in about only an hour。Voices of McDonnell guests are not resonate in strangely tone is high and my eardrum。Even the sound of the taiko、Also roar of fight、Also slender voice of uncle、Yuku melts and intermingled in the store of laughter。
Events of this city is that there is no border like the smell、Yuku disappear somewhere all。

Ten ten Teketen Teketeketeke Ten

2 thoughts on "Kagura and quarrel and helping others

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    When walking down the McDonald Toka downtown after you have spent an exciting time
    Missing is sound around the nerve that connects the brain and the ear is cut
    It offers me the moment to enter the small air pocket。
    Such a moment will be a good feeling with the feeling you are floating。

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    touke sa ma
    Well I do not say。Also regardless of behind even before、Back nor future nor 混然 come together past Table、It was a feeling coming into my body。And more walking、I want to be in the city

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