Extreme heat days

Meguro in the morning、In the afternoon, shooting each in the Kanda work。Is blown sweat just standing in the intense sunshine。
After completing the shooting at the apartment of a room overlooking the Meguro River、It moved to Kanda。

Interval、Eat a Megamakku which is today the last day at Kanda of McDonald's。When for the first time to eat was surprised at the volume、Although that day was something that was dinner excl.、No § What the child is now。Or the fact that even get used to everything。It may become unsatisfactory'm a Big Mac in the future。
Even so, Kanda of McDonald's、There are too many office workers in the nap。I wonder if habits of Shasta in Japan has been rooted。Well Kondake If Atsukere also I Wow want Savory road warriors。

When out on the ground after the shooting of two eyes、Still day was higher。
I can still shoot。Although hot of is not good、This long sunshine is welcome。

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