Since there is no screen door in my room、And visit the various insects When this season is Yuki away。
This is amymechagerrow's?
It came jump also cicada the other day。

By the way, the future of the dream at the time of kindergarten was to become insect Dr.。

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    Mr. Arimoto>

    The other day、Reply mail、Thank you very much
    The eggplant and shiitake mushrooms row cottage together LOL!
    Oh this is definitely、My wife and exchanges of there was more I Do with (laughs)

    Today's customers are、Pungens mayfly's Is
    To only the original insect Dr. aspiring、Core name in the know ... ^^

    By the way、Our house of tap water、Today is also "hot spring" ^^;

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    Sakanako eggplant of Lhasa Hotel was a rarity。
    Since Yuri is not eaten、The minute I like I have gotten。
    Of course accounting is Dutch treat。

    Followed by hot days。please take care of yourself。

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