In far away China fire

Many young people wear yukata and bringing to town

I did was this likelihood that。

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    Or rather、Whether Arimoto teacher has us remember ...。

    05 years Kyushu Visual Arts Department of Photography Degree。
    Give me your criticism about the Sessaku when a student teacher of the exhibition of the "silver"、Graduation is the upcoming T university graduate foolish fellows who Greetings to the teacher that has Rashi was stop by the school in relation to also your job to fold (glasses, short hair)。

    Since I find this site of teachers from more of LRG site、It is always interesting to look, Haidoku。
    Irreverent while、Outside communication no sentence is very like that especially blurred the delicacy to become Write your teacher。

    I'm Tokyo there are many fireworks。
    Again Tamaya? Locksmith? Yes and of home、Click here for exciting difference from that of Fukuoka、There is a memory that technique is felt that even Do not good at more skillful in how to show。
    I loved Chofu fireworks of the Tama River since lived in Sengawa of the Keio Line。

    to be continued

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    Fireworks display···。
    In addition to the implications of such summer evening、Again it seems that in many cases also be overlaid thought of nationally requiem-memorial。
    Even for me who does not know the war this season will feel the heavy air every year ...。
    Life in which young experienced around Hiroshima、So obtained Humanity。
    Memories of barely survived the maternal grandfather of the Burma front as a soldier、Memories of mercy has been paternal grandfather not a little after the war went to Manchuria as Army Captain。
    While Hase the various think、This year, touching the net news that "Barefoot Gen" in Fuji series to be a Chinmyo was a drama is and high ratings、I remember the sense of relief of hatching。

    Redundantly luck、Aisumimasen。

    We continue photo。
    It has been needed in or loved or hated photo。
    Also I hope as long as it can bestow your criticism!

    see you。
    Severe lingering summer heat、Please be self-love to come。

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    Although the difference is content、Terrible has chance to surprise。
    I do not know Irassharu remember、
    Kyushu visual Department of Photography graduate、Machida is Miwa。
    I see you have not miss Arimoto's home page every day。
    comment、It has been scooped previously Sato。
    And、I do not 's comments on the blog to say。

    4 years ago、
    When had I look at the pictures in Arimoto's、
    Words Arimoto's has me to say at that time、
    now、Frightfully clenching have。

    Painful to it is painful to painful and serious thing is the majority、
    Photo has become interesting。

    Thank Arimoto Mr. I thought that I want to say。
    Thank you。

    Tokyo It looks like this is great in hot weather than Okinawa。
    Please be careful on the physical condition。


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    Sato-sama、Thank you for Machida clients comment。
    本日の新宿は40℃でした。It's so hot。Doing Gallery in the Shinjuku。Please visit us when it came to Tokyo。
    Two of you both、You remember, of course!
    Also please show me photos。

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