That worry、Blog updates will hitch that there are many things to think about。
It did exactly what a state is referred to as "not stuck in the hand shall be taken."。But I say if Ikere been described in stark also Toka events that fell、Can not even do so with evil is "brackets attached" from the native。It is said that "Ikiri" in Kansai dialect。

But already I think also he who you know、LOTUS now from ROOT GALLERY to partner leave it。There is also a state that has been posed a letter of divorce、The mental state of the foregoing Street。
But every day is snow Utsuroi。Under the blazing sun of Tokyo、T-shirt squeezed work captured by the fighting spirit。Since the photo exhibition also of being held or talk to visitors、And or repeated discussions about the new gallery、We spent a hectic day-to-day。

Since changed the thought that nothing begin can have me alive、I think if Yukere to report to nudity changes in the future situation。

Photo exhibition "ariphoto2007 vol.3Being held!~ 9 / 2(Sun)

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