Seasons also turn

Today there are a lot of visitors、Suits also a long time friend、It became a Taenai good day of story。
About Photos、About Gallery、For the past work、Future outlook、Speak anyway。
I was able to self-check and re-discovery through conversation。
Thank you。
Any bad story in the long story good、Even without chewing case may not far from dropping is not found even if、
Anyway, I feel that you want to talk a lot in the real intention。

The exhibition became the only leave for three days of gold Saturday and Sunday。
Saturday 12:30〜15:00With the exception of the so available to you in the gallery、In rather stark。

One thought on "Seasons also turn

  • SECRET: 0
    That take the people
    I think that caring for you

    Even drive a car
    Even sex
    Also love


    You think I want to obediently accept failure
    To be successful
    I want to always challenge

    Good luck

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