cherry blossoms

Before just six monthsthis placeTo I'm cherry blossoms were in full glory。
Speed ​​of the transformation of the city is too early、Nante here emotion Yuku proceed shake off and easily。
My pleasure is that stare indifference。

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    Arimoto's、Hello。long time no see…

    The barricade did not notice when you look at this place ... Photo of、
    Like now、It looked as if had been surrounding the cherry tree。
    Thus In comparison (previous photo) badly it looks cruel landscape ...

    Digress。Although it was orchestrated from the previous、We have put together a photo to another blog。
    (Airplane photo is still another blog)
    If there is your time、Complain (※) not please come to say _ ^ ^ _

    ※絵描きの間では、Toka me doing it to criticism
    That in the sense of me doing teaching
    Me doing complain、There is a thing called

    by myu.kurosawa (husband Pyan @ daily cocoa)

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