Annie Leibovitz

It is suddenPUFFYI like。
Rather than Toka Saw You can Ami school Toka Yumi-chan faction、I love the movement of PUFFY。
There was a portrait of Projected without exhaustive two people of the charm of such PUFFY。But now it was already replaced、GAP is the over-the-counter of the display。

Since I had never felt such charm to the apparel of the advertising display photos until now、It was examined photographer。Annie Leibovitzwas。
Without having to settle down in the framework of off-the-shelf fashion portrait、I felt the original meaning of the photo that goes beyond the commercial to firmly anticipation photograph a person of interest。
In terms of the photography work、It was very helpful。

And today、Eyes were stopped in once again over-the-counter display photo are walking Shinjuku。This time of the Louis Vuitton ad。Photographer also to be Annie Leibovitz。
Catherine DeneuveAndMikhail GorbachevAlthough it is also there that the like have served as a model、Here also feel the charm that goes beyond the concept of advertising。

SWITCHConvinced try to read because its such as Mei King photo and shooting episodes of the campaign had been published in the magazine。
In the case of Catherine Deneuve is、Finished filming in just 40 minutes、The client also did not attend to the scene、Her own style had been spelled。
Also in the photo of any genre、I love the photo you feel photographer of competence to direct。
I also want to take myself so the photo。

One thought on "Annie Leibovitz

  • SECRET: 1
    Arimoto teacher Long time no see。
    The other day、It is Hosaka was only abruptly greeting at Shinjuku Station。In front of Shinjuku Nishiguchi Hulk。(2005 March graduate writer majors)

    I It is also、Recently Annie Leibovitz is I'm particularly fond of。
    I did not know at all until now、1995I got the catalog of the photo exhibition at the Mitsukoshi Museum Shinjuku of the year。Just teacher wonder if it was around the time I write this diary。
    Photo attractive。
    It is a woman also was shock。
    Arimoto as teacher says、I also thought that I want to now also take a picture to get to feel attractive。

    I am now of the place、We eat rice as a cameraman。

    Please continue to also take a nice photo from now on。
    We look forward to seeing。

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