Although it called a "stupid is cold pessimism"、Really whether I'm "stupid" or "awe"?

Shooting work became canceled the other day、Already it has been cut into the schedule that had been planned。
Far inferior to say "minute-to-minute schedule" is、Move around anyway to tight。
Variety quite unusual taxi as I。While the rain、Also Toka shooting until midnight。

And shooting just because now defeated rear、It would be unlikely that the deadline will be defeated rear。
We do must be done well as urgent of the original print, as a matter of course。
I have caught a cold to stab in the coffin in such a situation。

I want to be more and more "stupid"。

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    Mr. Arimoto>

    Pressing the shutter is even momentarily、
    I because it does not mean end of the work in the blink of an eye ... ^^;

    Kakkonto if cold draws beginning。
    Sure you do、Before going to sleep
    Warm the body in hot milk and ginger hot water、
    Good night's sleep ... sleep will cure all kinds of diseases。
    If people who have experience in China、But it will guide you ... ^^

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    myu_image customers

    thank you for your comment。Cold Thanks to you and towards the mend。
    Even if not dull thoughts in the heat、Even without heard that the body says、Still darkroom work is fun。

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