Car rental shuttle bus from New Chitose Airport、"Beyond Amagi" was flowing from the car radio。

See mountain I u burn ~ ♪ "

It was the phrase as if had predicted the landscape from the journey towards the Obihiro。
Even came to see to aim、Stunning autumn colors that can not be encountered quite。
Is a good dating from the ride to。

Now、I had come to Hokkaido in the shooting work。A picture taken of the automobile race that WRC。I pretty Lee a regular content is as I、In fact, will be five years in this year have come every year。
Areas are kicking around all day and to have a touch-sensitive of the wonder why?

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    Mr. Arimoto>

    WRC of you taking pictures ^^
    Since I am a Subaru user、^^ that I knew the presence from quite before
    The I automobile race、But I never actually saw、
    That's WRC、Since the circuit not a、Movement also vary
    It will become interesting shooting ^^
    Your core business? What is point of contact with the port rate how?

    by myu.

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