Old camera

after the rain、Blue sky was cloudless clouds one without Tsuruntsurun。
No schedule of work。of course、Movies shot。
Aimed at a quick pace to Hanazono Shrine when you get Shinjuku。
Although the other day of the Cock Fair was the rain there is also thanks to the "... such that the stand of the belly."、I enjoyed a very good mood。It seems there is a good meeting today。
Sudden accident and you hold down the shutter of Rollei in the pleasant air。Iris ring、Not move at all to the shutter speed ring co。Or try to wind-up、Or try pressing the shutter-release button is not said to be Sun both down。
Even or strike or shake become desperate、Not, of course reaction。
Prepared to deal 36 years ago camera、Although I tone was not my best regards from previous、Or finally your deathbed?
Even though so nice weather、Rolls in dark clouds in the mind。
Photos can not be taken。Nevertheless、'S why the city's appear to twinkle more than usual! ?

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