Camera geek

But is the other day failed Rollei、Birth year is the same with me。Decades Choi to abuse from the purchase in the Middle Ages。
It is of the same age、A long period of time because you are using、It would be considered by overlapping and with his body and goes out of。
I "become'm still all right?"。
The camera used in the master of hate doctor、Not permitted still able to go to the doctor。
Prepared to deal Rollei repair is famous in it takes a long time。Three months Toka、Hospitalization Toka six months when poor。
If about not be placed on hand also such a long period of time、I'm new to buy。

so、Self-repair is taken out precision screwdriver and head loupe。
Because to some extent every time the condition becomes worse are roses、Approximate structure knows。
Carefully by one、The Yuku proceed gradually to deep Remove the one and the screw。Fear at this time is beyond description downright。

Although fine process will be omitted too maniac、Somehow repair completed by the time the sun rises。
Photo is taken today in this。

When you no longer quite so alms hand、I Regards from'll put out on the day of burning garbage until it。

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