Do not forget the year

It is New Year's Eve。
LOTUS it means all of the exhibition of ROOT GALLERY has been completed in this month 24 days、Since then theTOTEM POLE PHOTO GALERYIt is in inosine to such repair work for the start。
Dora power in the joint appearance from morning today of the New Year's Eve。Blown off something cold wave、Move around and sweat。
Thanks to the young members and helper our force、Thing to do this year was able to end the time being。And the brand new sign in the evening lighting ceremony。
Pure white gallery space and、Staff room that can functionally work。Next year there will be a meeting with a lot of people and photos at this location。
While imagining a variety of things to come、The containing the new logo signboard had been a while looked at all。
When viewed from the sidewalk、There is a glow in the simple sign on the totem pole over to stand in the park。

Return of the train and break up with everyone finished the work was a rattle。The unusual quiet car、Today to again realize that that's a special day。
I tried to look back one year this year while looking at the subway of the empty seat。
Including the change of the gallery this year、Really was the variety there was one year。
It says it was a lot, but there is a bad thing any more、It is had exposed the human immaturity year In a nutshell。
Also for future growth、I want to be not forget the events of the past year。
So there is no feeling of "year-end drinking party"。
And family and friends who in the day-to-day support even for these yourself、Work Friend、student、Everyone that was me carrying a foot to the photo exhibition、Everyone who let me take photos、Mushoni became want to describe the feeling of gratitude to everyone that is willing to read this diary。

"thank you everyone。Please have a good year。」

This year's birthday

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