Happy New Year。Thank you the ariphoto diary this year。

New Year's Eve spent alone at home of Kichijoji。
I do not even see TV、I feel that the year had been punched If noticing。Living alone even ten years or、No longer feel even loneliness。

25What say from to Tokyo in the old、Hardly even let alone return home is to spend the New Year at home。But it does not even mean that "to decorate the Nishiki to home."、Since it began the photo、I think the thing that family and hometown and I've truncated somewhere in the mind。Clearly is the lack of filial piety who say。But parents and sister、Seems to me not care about the things I、Me occasionally to the phone。
I wonder who use care when New Year's Eve is spent with someone?、30Was a phone call from the night to the Kyoto home in uniform family of the day。I really only just that there is no silly Speaking of content to speak but、And a longer story than usual、It is tried or leaked a little real intention。
Not always sorry to hear only worry。

And also New Year's Day today、Always To unchanged shot in Shinjuku。
Although we at least were tried by what to be in the New Year ish New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine to Hanazono Shrine、Prematurely scare off per awesome matrix。Try a something McDonald's pilgrimage and Yodobashi Camera pilgrimage instead。
While also closed wandering the unpopular street shop、Little remorse as "Naa was good is better to go home around New Year."。While this also is that of every year。
When walking casting a sideways glance at people dressed up in fine clothes、Encounter with Mr. K in the shooting New Year's Day of the city。While wry smile Naa's really each other curious、Deeply To greet the New Year head down。

"Happy New Year。Also take photos in this city this year。」

ALTA VISION is also a day off。

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    Happy New Year! !
    There is so is not lonely、Always、I have seen in the Homube care of there! !

    Please open exhibition that I take good photographs this year。

    I because they cheer! !
    I would like to go some day exhibition。

    From far away friend

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