Farewell to Rollei's

today、ariphoto2008 print end towards vol.1。
Nde、It is that you have noticed have been printed。Thing of camera of tone。
While I was writing the often upset in this diary、Machine tone has been exposed by extending to the whole sheet。
As the following symptoms。

1.It will not cut frequently shutter。(Unplug the film、It is resurrected and open the back cover。)
2.Valve does not turn off completely。
3.Focusing hood is not fully open。
4.It does not work much from earlier exposure meter。
5.1/125Seconds considerably under。
6.X contact is not often synchro。
7.Abnormally heavy shutter speed ring。
8.Focus is sweet、Take lens is one-sided blur。

Besides there are a variety of problems, but、Such a place is roughly。How dare he mon has continued to use in such a state。
Among them, one-sided blur of take lens、Fatal for me to diversify the aperture of the open-close。Make a judgment that can not be used any more this individual。
Among more than a decade、But the camera who has also active in the work is also in the works、I will retire with a today。
Farewell、ROLLEIFLEX 2.8F Xenotar。Thank you for enduring many years of abuse!
We 2.8F the future Planar becomes my buddy。

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    Gobusatashiteorimasu。Some time ago is the Tahara I am allowed to consult in the matter of the exhibition。New gallery Congratulations! More and more of your success Best wishes。
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