Don't quarrel

Today in Tokyo heat wave Date。
People who yuku city and this also hot even's a frown、I feel like are somehow everyone frustrated。
Speaking I and、Eating habits of summer vegetables center in the summer heat measures、We have try to go to bed early to get up early and frequent fluid intake。Even healthy to walk around today there is also the effect。

Around the time the day has been a little inclined、Late lunch at the falling eating buckwheat。Looking at the store, passing the meal ticket to the clerk's、Something or two men had Ia'。And are not unfortunately available only table between the two people。A bad premonition。

It should be noted with respect to the I、Continued bickering two people、Gradually strengthen a manner of speaking。Bali abuse flurry from left from right。Not palm good to eat even mesylate calm。It had been sipping buckwheat while the wishful would fit someday、Expected to be in vain was soon become a tussle。
Place the chopsticks in the mood to give up and also whether、Enter into arbitration。Or a result of drunk woke up、One person out of the quiet shop。But it does not fit the anger of another one of the old man、Screaming flyers out settlement without regard whom he towards the around the customer。Word of the clerk's in there、"Do it outside if the fight!" Brunt of the anger of the old man will be be directed to the clerk's。
Tat is repeated in tit、Old man and the clerk went out to the table with two people while offend shoulder。Finally you can slowly eat in this。
Ikazu also mean that、How it is worried about me even to the table。
The sound of breaking glass as "Gashan" was heard as soon as turned the corner out of the shop。"Wow、Yan has come out Chii! From "when absorbing it at a stomach tube and a camera on the side of the road、Enter into the full-fledged arbitration。

after that、Shambles。

Old man lacking composure is what spit generally discarded lines。It would to fight opponent、It seems there is no relationship with the will towards the photographer went to arbitration。

So we will send a today of discarded words。

"Mon MacArthur is Nanbo Jai!、My father is ~ 's Army lieutenant colonel! "

Bathed blood return to your favorite T-shirt、It became a sullen until I eventually。

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