Condolences to late-summer

We have followed hot days、What Have a day-to-day good When it is put to everyone?
When you say I'm a、Ahead of the photo exhibition to be the fourth-time this year to next week、We spent the day-to-day hectic of。

In such、Work photographed by Sendagaya than in the morning today。
It may be rude to the people of the client and say such a thing、When you are stuck in the works shooting (Well roughly always)、Work shooting gives us a sense of tension and a new hint that different from the work taking。
Movies shooting say either and endurance、Instantaneous force is required when the work shooting。By performing both of them my best、We believe that a good effect on both occurs。

End of shooting Turn 10 roll in less than an hour。That was very fun。

Since Sendagaya Gate of Shinjuku Gyoen was close from the scene、Stroll in the garden paying somehow 200 yen。Sometimes green is often、The wind makes you feel even coolness passing。Zico Zico and without momentum until a few days ago also to the voice of the cicada is not、Not but remind us of the coming of the next season。
Corpse of the cicada and feet do an eye on。Ahh、End of the summer。I wonder was not able to swim in a river this year。
To sign in the Botanical Gardens before the "Notice of closed down" Garden much the shoulder watermark、If that is paralyzed Innovation baud、Seminar students were reminded that it's being held a photo exhibition。
After missing until the Shinjuku Gate、Ride from Third Street to the bus、Until the Visual Arts Gallery of Waseda。
Talk a little bit since the gallery was the author Offer。Look at the exhibition、Admire his efforts here one month。
Tetsuya photo exhibition Yamakawa "When anyone he" is up to August 23。

Try to phone since discovered the name of the graduates in your name book of the exhibition hall。Since immediately it was near Nii、Lunch while reporting recent of each other in the neighborhood of family restaurant。After talking a lot、See her off that go to the lab、I development of today radiographing back to home。after that、Photoshop a separate case of the original document。
Owarashi at once the three of deadline、Mood Harebare。

And from tomorrow five-day、Is the last spurt towards the exhibition!
I did not write much on this blog、Report of this summer is the hope that in the wall of the gallery。

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