Gastrointestinal is weaker than the elementary school hour and minute、"Teacher and raised their hands in class、Please let me go to the toilet! It often also to speak, such as the "。Continuing be so Yu、Simplistic Ada name seems to elementary school students to be attached been decided。Or "Gerimoto"。
Does not change the constitution even now as an adult、Frequently becomes poor condition of the belly。
But intense of about ever abdominal pain Continued from yesterday。At also gallery today、It was a day of back and forth the staff room and toilet。
Everyone who visiting while sitting on the toilet saying Un'un、I was not sorry if you can not Greetings。

One thought on "IN A RESTROOM

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    Suddenly、If you come to play to HP Recall that Mr. Arimoto of、It's on display now!
    It was good to notice!
    We hear and see on Saturday or Sunday。

    if、Once the physical condition and the timing of the time of Mr. Arimoto is fit well、Why do not you be a meal together?

    If good mail please ·· ☆

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