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9Trade shows Womochimashite month 7 days has ended。Everyone that I received your visit、Thank you very much。

So yesterday the next exhibition of the carry-in date。Sometimes we start from the good and in the morning of the author preparation of、I was able to finish early than ever。
有元伸也ワークショップ第五代選抜展、Kazuto Imura photo exhibition "vanishing_view" is up to 14 days。

Gaping and time is love because you are done much faster than expected。So once to return to the home、Horikomi bathing suit and goggles to backpack、Skip bicycle to pool。
It is after a long time swam in the outdoor pool in this time。Sunset eyes shining golden in every breath。My fried water splash is sparkling in response to the light。Continue to swim silently to chase the end of summer。
Invited to then bamboo-chan、Okinawa cuisine in Kichijoji and awamori。I wonder if ten years of drinking in the bamboo-chan and pointed to?。But I have never run out story、Go home so as not to be person who stays out all night。Open feeling and the exhibition is over、Immediately going to bed there is also tired of pleasing muscle。

And the start of shooting for the next exhibition from today。Excited to walk around the two weeks the first time。
Although the sun is like a midsummer still hot、Air wind blowing from time to time have a crisp'm somewhere cool。

It begins a lecture at the photo school from tomorrow。Summer is the end。See you next year。

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